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Solitude is also important to your sign. Many a Pisces has been found crunching numbers in a quiet cubicle.

Still, we recommend interacting with people, since your natural warmth and hospitality put people at ease. Hospitals, institutions, retreats and the subconscious are all ruled by Pisces.

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For that reason, many Pisces are nurses, therapists or work for large institutions. You are also a powerful intuitive healer, and can thrive in the holistic or medical fields. Sagittarius Taurus. Aquarius Cancer.

Pisces Career

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Aries Leo Sagittarius. Taurus Virgo Capricorn.

Best Match For Scorpio Woman For Marriage

Gemini Libra Aquarius. Cancer Scorpio Pisces. You tend to live in your own world, so you might be a little slow to respond to texts, for example.

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No need to shame-spiral! Just reply as soon as you remember. Your real friends will be happy to hear from you, no matter what. As the fish, you have access to a constant flow of ideas and do your best work when you let it spill out in a stream of consciousness.

Pisces Money - Best financial & work situations for Pisces

People want you on their team because you can dream up possibilities that never would have crossed their minds. The antidote? Make sure your food is ethically sourced, and consider going vegan. Be gentle with your body too, choosing flowing forms of exercise like yoga or dance over aggressive boot-camp regimens. Meditation can be a game-changer for you, but only if it serves a higher purpose, like connecting to a deity or spirit you feel drawn to.

Earth signs, especially Taurus and Capricorn, keep you grounded by showing you practical ways to make your dreams a reality. Fire signs like Aries and Leo can get on your nerves with their relentless optimism, but you learn a lot from their positive outlook!

Best Careers for Pisces

You want everything to feel like the movies, and more often than not, it does. The trouble for you is distinguishing fantasy from reality because you have a special gift for becoming whatever your partner most wants to see or experience. You also give eerily accurate life advice.

Venus enters Scorpio

You usually keep to yourself in social settings but not because you dislike them. In fact, you like to people-watch, letting the interactions between others fuel your inspiration for new artistic projects.

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