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Episode features an interview with Vedic astrologer Dennis Harness where we talk about different styles of conducting astrological consultations, and some potential challenges that new astrologers should watch out for when seeing clients. We begin by talking about different styles that astrologers use in order to conduct natal consultations, which can range from informational […].

The Mountain Astrologer

Episode of the podcast features a discussion between Chris Brennan and Adam Elenbaas about the problem of twins in natal astrology, and how astrologers deal with the birth charts or horoscopes of two people who were born at the same time. The premise of natal astrology is that the alignment of the planets at […]. In episode astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for August of August features Uranus stationing retrograde for the first time in Taurus, the last of a series of solar eclipses in Leo that started last year, Mars retrograding back into Capricorn and then stationing […].

In episode of the podcast astrologer John Green joins the show to talk about the concept of synastry, which is a technique that astrologers use to determine relationship dynamics by comparing birth chart placements. Episode of the podcast features an interview with Austin Coppock about a new book he edited titled The Celestial Art: Essays on Astrological Magic. The book is a compilation of essays on astrological magic by a number of notable astrologers, and it covers historical, philosophical, and technical issues related to the topic.

Tem Tarriktar on the Mountain Astrologer Magazine

The authors […]. I had been thinking about doing a set of monthly horoscopes for a […]. In episode of the podcast astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for July of Our main focus this month is a tense lunar eclipse that occurs towards the end of the month in Aquarius, which is closely conjunct Mars and square Uranus. We also […].


The post Is Prediction Killing Astrology? In episode of the show astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Spencer Michaud join me to talk about our experiences at the recent United Astrology Conference, which took place in Chicago from roughly May , During the course of the discussion we talk about some of the lectures we gave, lectures we saw, […].

This was our first time hosting an event like this, or recording an episode of the podcast in person in front […]. In episode of the podcast astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan discuss the astrological forecast for June of , which features a prominent Mars retrograde period beginning in Aquarius. This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago, just before we all left for the United Astrology Conference in Chicago. The conference […]. Episode is a solo show where I discuss the tricky question of which of the twelve houses rules sex in western astrology. This is a problematic question because it turns out that over the past years western astrologers have assigned sex to three different houses during different eras.

In the Greco-Roman astrological tradition […]. In episode astrologer Charles Obert joins the show to talk about the concept of essential dignities and debilities, and how they are used to determine the condition of a planet in an astrological chart.

Marguerite Manning: Karmic Astrology to Uncover Your Purpose

The essential dignities are essentially the ancient equivalent of the modern sign-rulerships, except it represents the original and more elaborate […]. As with the main program, even though you can do reports without altering the standard settings, if you want to you can configure both content and output to suit your personal taste. Finally, along with utilities such as an ephemeris generator and a compatibility search, AstrolDeluxe has a very useful research module that allows you to search for charts with similar features in order to study how something like, for example, Sun conjunct Uranus in the 1st house works out in practical terms.

The research module is designed for "chart file" research of the sort that most astrologers do, and though it takes a bit of learning, the help file is very clear and will answer most of your questions. Altogether, AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter 6. Even though many aspects of it are geared to the professional user, it is simple enough for a student of astrology to learn, as the program's standard settings make it easy to use the program "out of the box.

Oh, and one more thing which I haven't seen in an astrology program before is a handy utility that allows you to synchronize your computer's clock with the U. It's a nice touch in a nice program, and another of many reasons I can recommend AstrolDeluxe. One of them is a favorite of mine: Gauquelin sectors and power zones. The positions of the planets in this framework are given in a listing easily available from the "Display" menu while viewing a chart. The table shows both the actual sector a planet is in and the zone plus or minus , along with some other useful information. Going a step further, however, AstrolDeluxe 6.

It's not possible to go into this further in this limited space, but I'll be using this feature from time to time in "New Astrology" columns, starting next month. Another new feature worth mentioning is a Boehrer Declination Graph, a type of display that makes it much easier to see the role that declination plays in a particular chart. The February through April issues do discuss using AstrolDeluxe to research Gauquelin sectors and power zones in a collection of famous charts. I have been mainly using both Winstar and Solar Fire programs over the past 12 years, but was recently invited by Halloran Software, Los Angeles to review their latest report writer with "Kidzone" child natal reports and "Journey Returns" Solar Return reports.

I'm glad that I invested the time to do this task. I must say that I was very impressed to experience such a quality chart program at a reasonable price, coupled with a thorough yet simple report writer series, which will certainly be quite useful in my work.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

There are many astrology programs available, but very few with good professional report writers that I could recommend. However, I can quite strongly endorse these as being suitable for professional astrologers in Australia. Halloran programs are quick-loading and don't gobble up enormous chunks of computer disk storage space, so its very feasible and economical to buy it as an "add on" to your current chart program or suite of programs, just for the sake of the professional report writers.

As a bonus, it includes the latest version of the ACS atlas. Many astrologers in Australia and New Zealand are familiar with Halloran through their large ads in the bi-monthly " Mountain Astrologer " magazine. Halloran has been supplying astrology programs since the 's and about astrologers in Australia and New Zealand have bought from them direct over the years.

The first thing that struck me about the Halloran program is its basic simplicity and down to earth, practical approach. Most chart programs and writers have quite a challenging learning curve, especially for those who find computer programs daunting. This one makes it very easy to set up and configure individual astrologer's requirements and to feel confident about using the program and all that it offers.

The data entry screen layout is good and offers loads of options plus an editor.

You can choose from eleven standard house systems, plus a "user" system. The reports themselves use a practical approach and are easy for clients to read and understand. The quite extensive Kidzone child reports are written by a New Zealand Astrologer and personalised for the child's name. This report covers approximately 55 pages including a concise introduction and it may be easily edited on screen before printing. It's comprehensive, yet a good one for non-astrologically inclined parents to understand. As most of you know, child report printouts are very popular with people seeking simple yet accurate insight into a child or new baby, especially as a gift or for people who are not yet willing to pay the cost of a full live consultation or individual report.

I tried this one out on a few "non-astrology" clients who have had various printout reports before. They were all very happy with it and more than favourably impressed, commenting that they were sure that it would a helpful guide. The basic Report Writer program includes a first-class unabridged world atlas with a database of , cities, plus a great "lookup" option.

One very good feature is that you key up the place and state and it immediately selects the right one, which can avoid confusion where there is a town of the same name in more than one state. Also included is an instant chart "now" button and a "sunrise" button for unknown birth times. It's also easy to change planetary orb widths. On the other hand, the chart generator only offers a standard graphic chart format with editable features, although I find that it's simplicity and clarity are adequate.

There's the usual bi-wheel and tri-wheel display option for transits and compatibilities and you can easily swap the inner and outer charts.

Daily Horoscope

You can produce Harmonic and also composite and Davison charts for synastry work. The chart options offered within Report Writer are surprisingly extensive, including a few special ones such as:.

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Novien Charts, a chart used by sidereal astrologers, derived by multiplying the primary chart placements from the start of sidereal Taurus by nine. A simple chart research option is useful for quickly locating planets by sign and house location. It's also possible to import charts from other programs. The transit summary list printout is quite complete, listing both transiting and corresponding natal aspects, but to me, it seems a bit crowded and "dos-ish" and could have a neater and more appealing windows style layout for both clients and astrologers.

The Solar Return report writer is well-based astrologically, thorough and easy both for astrologers and their clients to read. As an astrological guide for the year ahead, it's realistic, with very practical advice and comments.

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  • There's not too much preamble for the practising astrologer, yet there is enough explanation for the lay person to gain helpful insight into potential opportunities and challenges for the whole period of the report. The report explores the return chart itself as an entity and the potential impact of the return on the natal chart. The advanced version includes transiting aspects from the Sun out, to the Solar return. This, of course, can be edited. It also includes progressed Solar Return angles as timing devices, which is helpful for people who wish to use the Solar return in conjunction with planetary transits for accurate astrological forecasting.

    The report is indexed, with some good explanatory notes for clients. It allows you to select a simple standard report of around 40 pages or three other more advanced levels - Intermediate, Concise Advanced or an Advanced report of pages.