Biseptile astrological aspect

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Hitler was the catalyst for great advances in the development of technology. His other septile pattern of Sun-Saturn-antiVertex is also powerful as it involves the ruler of his MC. Hi Alice, I read your article regarding the vertex and anti-vertex awhile back and I enjoyed it every much. Also, thanks for the great information on the septile. Really, really good stuff. I do disagree with you on the Magi Society though. I find their description of Hitler amazing eventhough they made a mistake with one of his signs. Anyway, thanks for the input.

Bryan Btw, Alice how would a Venus septile Neptune express itself? Lura Guest. With Uranus and Mars in great emphasis, I feel a great deal of that 'electrical' axis Alice refers to. I learn that Uranus-Vertex disposes one, that they must use their inner perception to respond to higher vibrations. Lynn Koiner also provides a little more detail. In Esoteric Astrology, the theory is the vertex indicates RAY energy to be cultivated in this lifetime.

Neptune Aspect Moon in Astrology

Shift in personality, astral or mental body, drawn to others to express this aptitude. My Chiron opposition perhaps suggests one did not use this valuable gift in a previous lifetime, for various reasons. I applaud your bringing out more on this topic. And you provide much more on this forum than most.

Keeps me listening. Sorry about the article appearing twice, I don't know how that happened as I thought I had only clicked the 'Paste' icon once. Byran, I would need to look at the whole chart to determine how Venus septile Neptune would manifest. I feel as though it would be a lovely, romantic, gentle energy with perhaps an interest in romance, art and music from other times, but that would depend a lot on the signs, houses and other aspects involved.

Lura I was fascinated with the extract from Lyn Koiner's work you posted. I had not considered the Vertex axis in connection to the 7 Rays of Esoteric astrology. I have asked a very good Esoteric Astrologer friend of mine to consider this concept. If he comes to any conclusions I will let you know via this thread. Alice, Thank you for your interest.

The Vertex has been a real eye opener for me in this lifetime and vocation. Without getting too in depth, I share what has helped me understand personally, a Vertex in opposition to a Juno-Pholus channeling.

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Plato: "The eyes sometimes fill with fire, the bowed head may rise, and new strength may be experienced. Fundamental fiery energy can make objects not only luminous but transparent, even resemble a strong electrical explosion. It is during extraordinary intensification this energy is kindled and the destiny seems to disappear. Fire flows through your veins.

An exaltation is a blessed intensifier, cosmic explosions can be creative impulses. The mother will direct our sorrow into a channel of joy. The speed of life will seem frightening until people develop a speed of thought sufficient to outstrip it.


Magnetics draw, but one must be ready to accept rescue. The fire of exaltation is the best connecting bridge. People do not understand that each of their light-minded deeds is observed by invisible entitities. Divisibility of spirit can bring transmissions to several people simultaneously. Directed human thought has a special energy not comparable to radio waves; there are no obstacles.

The achievement in these peak moments strengthens the mind and creates new horizons of thought. We delude ourselves in limiting to the sense of touch. We are given other senses that we should utilize for total perception. There are complete incarnations, but also partial ones. A strong spirit can give part of his energy. This can be called a sending of the ray or a sending of energy. It provides an intensification of power that broadens the consciousness. It does not depress, but deepens straight-knowledge. They themselves might have accumulated it in their former lives, but it also could have been sent to them as Grace.

Mothers prayed that double strength be granted to the incarnating soul. There are few who are able to discern the superearthly radiance behind the earthly face. Not so much acceleration of technical discoveries that leads to concentration of the mind, but the desire to learn something new. A final important note: if you have two or more planets in a septile, biseptile, or triseptile to each other, they will naturally create resonant "void points" where other septile series aspects fall. These are trigger points for irrational conditions or personality "destiny" elements to come forth in the life.

Though these periods can seem very weird indeed, they are points of choice, decision, and movement where reason may fail even though major things are in motion. For example, you know that because of the Neptune septile Pluto we're in the midst of The Grand Irrationality.

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Over the past few months it has stimulated points at Virgo, 29 Libra-3 Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, and Cancer. If any of these points are strong in your chart, you have all the other points also active. These have been progressing forward about 1 to 3 degrees a year due to the movement of Neptune and Pluto.

Since I have a planet in mid-Aquarius, it shows that planet will be influenced by any transitting planet occupying these points. Thus Pluto is in a long term waning septile to my planet, and Jupiter will be waning biseptile my planet in late October and early November when it occupies the Scorpio points, and so forth.

The septile qualities will be more in evidence every time the transitting Moon occupies any of these points, and will obviously affect the areas of my chart where the planets occupy and what sectors they rule.

Let the phase calculator crunch the numbers for you.

It works that way for all of us. The link to the Grand Irrationality can help you find out if your generation is one being influenced by this long term pressure. And if you know how to calculate aspects, take a look at your chart to see where your different planetary irrationality zones are, as it may help you the next time they activate.

September 28, Permalink. Ai yai yaiii I should have been paying more attention to this aspect. I was for awhile, but apparently, I got sidetracked. I have a stellium in Cancer and two of the three planets are in that range, and the third is just past Hi Karen - This will certainly work on your Cancer energies and move them in significant directions.

Sometimes we do get to cut loose from the control of the rational mind, and move into our greater destiny without necessarily being aware that we're doing it. A quick reference for everyone with Cancer planets: Early Cancer septiles points in mid-Taurus and late Leo, quintiles points in mid and late Aries and mid-Virgo.

Mid Cancer septiles points in late Taurus and early Virgo, quintiles points in late Aries, early Taurus, and late Virgo. Late Cancer septiles points in early Gemini and mid-Virgo, quintiles points in early and mid-Taurus and early Libra.

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Posted by: Robert July 23, at PM. I love the way you've thought of and described the 5 series I think Saturn and my Vesta are quintile also I still haven't figured exactly how these relate to my quintessence--very hard to do that for oneself, though I am a writer and Venus, Mrc, GC do fall in my 3rd.

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I'm currently undergoing Pluto conjunct my Venus at 26 Sag, and am thoroughly enjoying all the discussion about the galactic center. It just occured to me while reading, that Pluto is also currently quintile my Asc at 14 Libra, and most things in my life seem business as usual, though my writing has amped up and have published a fair deal this year.

I am very sensitive to the intense vibes of the times, if nothing else. Posted by: Jennifer December 28, at AM. Hi Jennifer - Thanks for your praise of the site. Hang in there with the rising tide in you re: publishing. You are gifted in many ways, so from one writer to another, enjoy the journey of discovery. Posted by: Robert December 31, at AM.

Is there a free calcaulation software for these aspects: quad-novile tri-septile tri-octile tri-decile bi-septile ni-novile septile novile dectile.